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Say no to the new abortion law in Spain

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In Spain, legislation regulating the termination of pregnancy has only existed since 1985. It was highly restrictive in character, in that the will of the woman was subject to the decision of a doctor, considered an authority figure. As such, many women were forced to travel abroad or to undergo dangerous operations in their own homes, in illegal clinics, or at the hands of unqualified personnel with limited means. Then, in 2010 a law was passed establishing time limits for legal abortion; which produced some advancements towards a broader, more comprehensive policy on sexual and reproductive health, albeit with some loopholes. Since the adoption of this law (Law 2/2010 of sexual and reproductive health and abortion), women have enjoyed a period of 14 weeks in which they can freely, without the guardianship of judges or medical professionals, decide if they wish to continue with or end their pregnancies.

Three years later and in the midst of a crisis producing neverending social cuts, in which the rights of women have been particularly affected, the Popular Party goverment intends to impose a new law, even more restictive than the first of 1985. The wording of this new law is being made without full transparency, against the will of the majority of the population, and thanks to the support of a committee of experts - composed exclusively of men.

This law is nothing more than purely ideological in character and defends the notion of an infantilised women, incapable of making decisions about her own body. This law is defended by the most reactionary sectors of the Catholic Church and is driven by a right-wing government within a supposedly secular state.

Examples of the regressve character of this new law include:

We cannot accept this intereference with our bodies and as such we demand a law in which:

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